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With the Electron Wheel, your own bike can go electric.

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About the Electron Wheel

Electron is an electric powered wheel using sensors to measure speed, incline, and pedaling, that commands the amount of power needed to make bike riding easy and fun.

A front wheel replacement on most 26 inch bikes, the Electron wheel allows you to easily convert your bike to an electric bike. Patented with an advanced motor inside the wheel, the Electron wheel gives a 'boost' of power for all types of riders.

US Pat # 8,538,615 Other US and International Patents Pending

Why the Electron Wheel?

Easy Installation

No installation tools are necessary! The newly integrated quick release with torque strap allows Electron to be installed on most 26 inch bicycles in 30 seconds. Your bike can be converted back to its original configuration in the same amount of time.

Easy to ride

Electron uses a patented system of sensors that measures incline, bicycle speed and pedaling to command the amount of power to the motor.

Easy to store

Electron wheel can be stored just about anywhere. No need to buy another bike.

Easy to transport

Ease of wheel removal and installation makes it also easy to transport the bicycle by car or plane.

Easy savings

Ride your bike with Electron instead of driving to work and save. Fuel costs average $4,224 a year for a commuter. With Electron, annual costs are about $132 on electricity and $150 on batteries. Easy on your health and the environment

It's Fast, Fun, and Easy to Install!

Assembly Manual

Happy Riders

Now I can ride my bike with my grandchildren.

Young at heartThe Young at Heart

When you go up a hill, Electron does the work for you.

The Cruiser

With Electron, it makes any commute super easy.

The Commuter

What Are You Waiting For?

It is Fast, Easy to install and Fun! Put a charge in your ride today.

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