The Electron Wheel™ consists of a high powered, self‐contained electric motor that’s integrated into a standard 24”, 26” or 700c wheel, and can be easily fitted onto a standard bike frame within 30 seconds, without the need for specialized tools or equipment. By replacing the standard front wheel of any normal bike, the Electron Wheel™ provides motorized pedal assistance without interfering with existing gearing or shift setup. This allows the Electron Wheel™ to be installed in both single gear and multi‐gear bikes.  Motor assistance levels are determined by the wheel’s intuitive pedal and incline monitor sensors, which constantly measure the rider’s pedal input and ground incline. The combination of these unique, patented sensors minimizes the rider’s effort going uphill and allows the Electron Wheel™ to provide greater motor assistance on steep inclines without the rider having to pedal with greater force. 


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Electrify your bike in as little as 5 minutes with

the  Electron WheelTM



front wheel vs. rear

Front wheel replacement allows

you to utilize your multi-gear bike

and maximize efficiency on your ride. 

It also makes for a quick and easy install.









No wires = no hassles. The Electron Wheeltm

utilizes bluetooth technology to communicate 

seamlessly from pedal sensor to wheel to phone. 









Easy installation

 No need for external batteries, clunky displays, 

or extra mods to your bike. The Electron Wheel'stm

battery, motor, and sensors are all in one. You can 

fully convert your traditional bike to electric in as

little as 5 minutes. 






intuitive sensors

Whether on a steep hill, extended decline, or

neutral street, the wheel's intuitive sensors

constantly monitor your riding conditions, 

allowing for increased power when you need it.







power assist

The Electron Wheel'stm 250W motor and three

assist levels let's you customize your ride from

just a little boost to full assist.









mobile app

From tracking rides to a full featured dashboard,

our mobile app makes setup a breeze and allows

for increased functionality. 






your ride and enjoy the benefits of a pedal assisted experience. No throttle, no wires, no hassles... just a fully self-contained electric wheel. 




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Electron WheelTM  is currently seeking out trusted and reliable manufacturers and distributors to license with. 


Please direct business inquiries to:




meet our team



Easy  5  Minute  Assembly



MOTOR:    250W DC Brush Planetary Geared Hub Motor

BATTERY:    Electrical Vehicle Related Rechargeable Li-ion Cells, Advanced BMS, 24V 10.7Ah (256Wh)


CHARGER SYSTEM:    UL Listed Electron Wheel Charger with LED Status Indicator Display, Intl. Voltage. 2A is standard, 4A is optional.


SPEED:    Max 19.9 mph (32 km/h) in USA. Max 16 mph (25 km/h) in Europe (per regulation)

RANGE:    16-22 miles (26-35 km) with Normal Pedaling

FRONT WHEEL:    Alloy 26" x 1.75" Rim, 26" x 1.25" Tire, Inner Tube, Rim Strip, Double Wall Alloy Rim with Stainless Steel Spokes

                             - 700c (28”) & 26" wheel will be available June-2015


USER CONTROL:    Power On/Off Switch, and Easy Access Charger Port are on Left Side of Front Wheel


APP:    Motor power control and battery indicator, dashboard to track rides. Also upgrade FW through bluetooth.


WEIGHT: 19.8 lbs (9.0 kg)

WARRANTY:    2 years on motor, 2 years on battery, 1 year on charger, 1 year on other components 

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